Creative Fun For Chidren
Are your children interested in joining our art classes? we have classes for all age groups from primary to adult education. The teachers are highly qualified as artists and educators.
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Highly qualified teaching Artists & Educators

The aim of the Art classes is to teach traditional modes of Arts through traditional apprenticeship model. Learning from the Artists covers the creative and design process with concepts covering organic and natural elements, the human body, working with your imagination and fantasy.

Fun with Confidence & Risk-taking

Teachers promote the Arts to foster students critical and creative thinking in Visual Arts, Drama, Dance and Media Arts.

Intercultural Understanding & Motivation

Students learn how to collaborate in small groups while developing their own creative capabilities. Lessons encourage inclusivity and diversity while promoting excellent global citizens for the future.

Our Academy Environment

Regular exhibitions of student’s work and Art lectures held monthly with opportunities for hiring the space. The Art space can be acquired through a submission process.  

Sharing the Same Moon Art Exhibition

The first phase of the exhibition was held at 46 Edward St, Summer Hill, in the afternoon on the 19th at AFAFL Building, a cultural, educational and arts centre. The exhibition will continue to host various event such as stages of art exhibitions, academic lectures and other activities organized by the Australian Fujian Association. On the day of the exhibition, nearly 200 guests were welcomed. The theme of the exhibition was sharing and co-operation. We had an exhibition of artworks by artists from different backgrounds. The artists’ creations showcased their great artistic abilities and enriched our emotions and minds by sharing with us their different cultural backgrounds and their ability to think creatively and live their visions. The exhibition of paintings from a thousand miles is an opportunity for artists from multiple backgrounds to come together to showcase co-operation, sharing and to demonstrate the desire for a harmonious and happy life.